Brand Journalism

Using the tools, tactics and style of journalism to tell a company’s story is an essential part of Brand Journalism. Consumers have become wise to the marketing ploys of companies and bored of the hard sell, and they are not likely to take anything at face value anymore.

brand journalism

Traditional forms of marketing are not working like they once did and todays trend has moved towards brands telling their personal story to become more relatable to the consumer. Building trust with the person engaging with their business means customer service is making a comeback and along with it a customer centric approach. All that begins with the company introducing themselves and what they have to offer, whilst creating a familiarity that breeds brand loyalty, producing return clientele.

What’s your companies story?

Story telling is a part of everyones life. Whether its cultural, familial or good old fairy tales, we all have a story to tell. Businesses are now sharing their stories, to break down the walls of unfamiliarity and build the trust of the consumer. The old hard sell advert campaign is washed up and content marketing is now the cutting edge of getting sales. Advertisements are still necessary to direct traffic to your product, but the content on your website, blog, packaging etc., is what is going to keep consumers on your radar and drive your sales. If they like your story, believe your story, they’ll buy your product.

Brand journalism marketing

Our freelance journalists create editorial-style content that engages the businesses target audiences. The stories are used to connect on a personal level with consumers and create a favorable impression of the brand. Today consumers want more from businesses than just products and services – they want to know they are cared about, about their goals, their dreams, and their lives.

Maria Perez, director of online community services for ProfNet and PR Newswire for Journalists puts it perfectly:

“Look at sites like P&G Everyday from Procter & Gamble, Backing America’s Backbone by U.S. Cellular and HSBC News and Insight from HSBC Holdings; they’re tapping into millions of consumers and sharing tips on parenting, personal finance, and business management. The articles are written by professional journalists, and the quality of information rivals that of traditional media sites.”

Petals PR & Media can generate that success for your business and help entice customers into your sales funnel.

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