Public Relations

10 Years in the traditional media industry has given Petals PR&Media the insiders edge when it comes to generating fantastic Public Relations results. Content derived from experienced members of the media industry means greater success when working with marketing teams to achieve their objectives. Without that edge your content reach is limited. Don’t have a marketing team? We can manage that for you too.

PR Publicity

A good public relations agency ensures that they are constantly presenting the news to the media in a creative and interesting way. We are not just a good PR Agency, we are a great one! We work with news outlets to facilitate publishing content for our clients by proactively providing them with content and stories (that we’ve developed) to our media contacts. By generating publicity, your brand’s credibility increases and audiences can learn more about your company through key messaging, strategic outreach and editorial coverage. As your PR Agency, it’s our job to generate and manage publicity for your brand and business to effectively communicate your message through various media channels.

Public Relations Strategy

Media strategy sets the foundation for an integrated, well-timed and well-planned PR campaign. By combining multiple media channels including advertising, public relations, event management and social media, Petals PR&Media creates PR strategies that meets our clients objectives and ensure maximum impact and results. We consider all angles of the strategy and work with our clients to meet their objectives.

All PR campaigns are different and its so important to strategically map out the campaign tactics to promote your brand. The digital landscape changes constantly, multiple media channels are critical for a long term, ongoing, effective and strategic PR campaign. We are on top of all of those things.

Media Relations

With a background in print journalism we have the inside knowledge of what media outlets are wanting from PR agencies. We run a proactive press office which sets the foundation of your campaign. As the conduit between the client and the media, Petals PR&Media has developed relationships with journalists across the nation, who print editorial for our clients. We create the news stories and work along side media outlets to fulfil their requests to lock in that all important press coverage. Petals PR&Media has provided results on a national level and maintains fast response times.

Leverage advertising deals

The most important thing advertisers don’t realise is they can leverage their spend. Advertising sales people will tell you getting a published article will cost you more money. We can negotiate your extras by leveraging your advertising spend. We’ll then create the content you need to take advantage of that deal. Increasing your chances of being noticed.