Social Media

Social media is the now when it comes to Public Relations. Not many people are going to your complaints department to register a complaint that will most likely be filed in the bin. They will take to your social media page and share their views on their experience (or lack there of) with your company for all to see. Who better to deal with that than a PR agency. We have extensive experience in social media and work with clients with a fan base of tens of thousands of people.

Social Media Management

Managing social media in a way that promotes business is an art form. Just because someone has a Facebook page doesn’t qualify them with the know how to manage a business page. There is a great deal of difference between personal social accounts and professional social media accounts. Having a passion for social media doesn’t give you an edge on your competition. You need a professional approach to socials to get the most out of it. Knowing how to engage your target audience, spend wisely on social advertising, create content that attracts customers, and work your insights to amplify your socials, and direct people to your online store or actual store takes years of experience and a constant updating of skills to keep up to date with the latest and constantly changing developments.

Allowing a PR agency to manage your social media account also saves you money when we produce your online content for dissemination. We have different packages for the savvy company that is up to date with the current trends who realise how important real and relevant content is for generating leads. Long gone are the days where you could trick google into placing you at the top of the search results. Bogus/boring/rehashed/copied content, fake likes/subscribes, random links (on Russian sites) are all transparent, and you guessed it…placing you at the bottom of the list.

We create genuine, authentic copy that gets picked up by SEO algorithms and share those valuable gems of information throughout the socials that we have identified as the most effective for generating leads/conversions for your business.

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